Linas Baltrunas CV

I was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. I touched computer for the first time in a semi-secret nuclear physics lab where my father was conducting his research. These encounters definitely shaped my career path. I obtained my Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Vilnius University. Later I moved to a small mountain city Bozen-Bolzano (FUB). Here I was working in the area of density estimators. I love mountains, therefore, I stayed at FUB a bit longer to obtain my Ph.D degree under the supervision of Prof. Francesco Ricci. During the Ph.D. studies I introduced and evaluated a methodology supporting the full cycle of building a Context Aware Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems. It includes: two phases of data acquisition, a well tuned algorithm capable of generating explanations for the recommendations, and a graphical user interface. I created more scalable and more accurate algorithms compared to those previously known in the literature. Moreover, they increased user satisfaction compared with context-free methods.

Currently I am working in the Telefonica Research lab, Barcelona, Spain. Here I am further pushing state of the art in personalisation research.

You can find my full cv here (updated 2015-06).